Student Safety Pack


1 × Guardian Alarm
1 × Bottle Stoppers (Pack of 5)
1 × PIR Alarm / Personal Alarm / Torch
1 × Rapid Deployment Portable Door Lock
1 × Drink cover
1 × Trident Personal Alarm - sound, ultraviolet spray, odour
1 × ZipClippa
1 × 3 Coloured Metal Straws
1 × Phone Charger 3-in-1 charger
1 × CYD Drink Spike Test (pack of 5)

Student Safety Pack

Living away from home is never easy. Especially if it’s in a new town or city where you’re trying to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings, staying on or off-campus, or maybe sharing accommodation, and yet to build your new support network.

The Student Safety Pack provides a host of items that will help to keep you safe and give peace of mind during these uncertain times. Whether it’s exploring your new locality, going out and socialising, or adding extra security to the place where you live, the pack contains items that can be used in times of emergency or perceived danger including personal alarms, a drink cover (that covers most glasses) or bottle stoppers to prevent spiking, and even a portable door lock.

Stay safe with the help of Life Centric’s Student Safety Pack.

Please note – the Trident personal alarm is only for sale to adults, and only available for sale in England and Wales.